Possibly the best Yakitori bar in Singapore.


Kushi Dining Bar serves a wide variety of Kushiyaki items and the freshest items from the famous Tsukuji fish Market in Tokyo. Helmed by an experienced chef of over 20 years of experience, we are famous for our grills, a wide array of Sake, Shochu, beers and the constant renewal of our fresh seafood items which were done to perfection.


Due to customers' request, we started our highly popular High-end Japanese Ala carte buffet and Fish Market Day in April 2009 and the response has been overwhelming since day one. Customers get to choose from over 120 items which include Toro, US oysters, Wagyu Beef, Shabu-shabu, Aji Sashimi and etc on buffet days. As for Fish Market days, customer choose the items which they want and the way it is done or on recommendation from our chefs.


They just sit back and enjoy watching our chefs prepare the food in full view. The best thing about our Fish Market days is that our seafood items are changed every week and the same item is very rarely brought in for a consecutive week to enjoy customers get the best variety. Due to the exclusive size of our restaurant, we advise our patrons to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.